Be An Encourager

Are you living the Seeking Grace & Gratitude life? Do you have a story you’d like to share? Do you feel compelled to minister to modern Christian women? Would you like to be a prayer warrior for our prayer board? Become a SG&G encourager today!

SG&G is not about you or me, it’s about Him and only Him. We are not looking to promote ourselves or each other, but rather spread the Truth through the authenticity, triumphs, and tribulations of modern Christian women.

Which is why we are always looking for gifted and talented Christ-followers to contribute to our ministry and social community. Opportunities include:
•    Writing for our weekly devotionals
•    Submitting your testimony to be featured as part of our “Walk with Me” segment
•    Participating in our featured “Day in the Life” posts by using #sggdayinthelife
•    Becoming a prayer warrior and tackling the many requests on our prayer board
•    Contributing any ideas or suggestions to help us share the gospel through the Seeking Grace & Gratitude ministry

Whatever it is that is leading you to us, we want to hear about it! Email with the heading “Writing Opp,” “SG&G Day in the Life,” “SG&G Walk with Me” or whatever is on your heart. Remember, it’s about Him, not about us. If we can encourage each other, we can encourage the world!

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