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    ‘Your God is Too Glorious: Finding God in Unexpected Places’ 

    By Chad Bird


    When I set about to read my latest book to review, Your God is Too Glorious: Finding God in the Most Unexpected Places by Chad Bird, I had no idea what the content would address.

    I was unfamiliar with the author and didn’t immediately latch onto his writing style. However, Chad Bird has lived quite the life and lived with many stories to tell. From his personal experience as a biblical scholar and pastor to his relational failures and mishaps caused by selfish ambition and desires of the flesh, there is something that every fallen human can relate to. Interwoven are Chad’s lessons from life, scripture and biblical encouragement from some of God’s best. Yet perhaps what is even more intriguing than the author’s narrative are the numerous accounts of individuals he interacted with or did life with along his own journey.

    Your God is Too Glorious is a refreshing book about the simple, ordinary and unexpected places our heart longs to experience as a way to discover deep purpose. It’s about finding quiet and stillness amidst a loud and chaotic world. It’s about waxing off the shiny veneer we’ve grown accustomed to so we can appreciate what is real and true in its authentic, humble and vulnerable state. And most importantly, it’s about opening our eyes to the little things and lowly people who surround our daily life and are direct connections to our God above. Being ignorant to their presence or overlooking their importance could rob our souls from knowing, understanding and feeling God on an out-of-this-world level.

    I enjoyed reading this book and was reminded throughout to slow down and acknowledge the many opportunities we have each day to witness glimpses of God’s glory. My only negative feedback would be in the length and repetitiveness of the book; at 186 pages, I personally felt that the content covered could have been limited to a 2500 word article or blog post (sans the personal stories). The real life examples of God’s goodness in unexpected places and through unassuming Christians made the book intriguing and meaningful, however, in my opinion, they seemed better suited for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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