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    ‘God’s Wisdom for Women: Topical Scripture & Encouragement’

    By Patricia Miller and Rachel Gorman


    The last book I was privileged to review in 2017 couldn’t have been any more fitting for my 2017 word of focus – “wisdom.”

    God’s Wisdom for Women: Topical Scripture & Encouragement written by mother/daughter team Patricia Miller and Rachel Gorman was a wonderful book to reflect on and close out the year.

    One of things I loved about this book was the way it was organized. The topics weren’t presented in a table-of-content format but rather were built upon a woman’s natural spiritual walk. The authors invite each reader to explore the subjects in the book as they see fit and encourage the reader to jump around and dive deep into a topic or sub-topic that is on their heart instead of feeling like they have to read the book directly from start to finish.

    The topics include Knowing God, Encouragement, Lifestyle, Daily Struggles, Relationships, Difficult Challenges, and Sexuality. Within each topic selection there are 4+ sub-topics that address more specific issues such as decision making, social media and time management (from the Lifestyle topic section), pride, disappointment, worry and grief (from the Daily Struggles section), and abortion, abuse, death, divorce and eating struggles (from the Difficult Challenges section). Not surprisingly, I found myself beginning to read from the start of the book but after completing the first topic section I ended up skipping around to the subjects I felt led to.

    Additionally, each sub-topic chapter applied direct scriptural references in various translations to tackle each subject from a biblical perspective. In no part of this book did the authors offer or imply their own personal viewpoint or opinion, however, they did keep God’s Word as the focal point and primary source of Truth.

    Lastly, each sub-topic chapter ended with a section on practical living application as well as recommended reading to dive deeper into a particular topic or issue. I thought this was incredibly useful and insightful because it showed the authors supporting and encouraging the reader to consider additional sources outside of this book. To me, that meant the authors genuinely care about their reader’s spiritual walk with Christ and that they seek to want the best for each soul that is wandering or following Jesus. As an avid reader, I value both book recommendations and the opportunity to fully understand and gain wisdom in areas I may be struggling with.

    If you are looking to get your feet wet and start exploring Christianity or if you are a believer who may need a starting point, refresher or pick-me-up to get back into the Word, God’s Wisdom for Women is for you! You can jump around this book, flip it open when it tugs at your heart or fully immerse yourself in it. It is so versatile that it may find itself at home on your nightstand or tucked neatly in a gift bag to give to a loved one in need. Wherever you are in your season of life, this is a book that all women can benefit from.

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