It starts small. Like a sprinkle of salt adding flavor to something that is naturally good on its own but has the potential to be great. A light little dusting is all it takes to awaken the essence and spring forth an array of possibilities.

Left on its own, it is just a snack or side dish – tossed aside until needed, picked at when hungry, or forgotten about all together. But when something small like salt is added to the mix, the desire for more bubbles to the surface and produces a main course long awaited. The sprinkling of salt is the difference between what is good and what can be great; the difference between what is and what could be. When hopes and dreams are stirred together, thoughts, emotions and passions you never knew you had become exposed as they swirl about. One little taste of something great leads to a craving that wants to create.

When hope collides with a dream, it gives birth to a passion. I’ve been pregnant with passion for a year now and I’m anxiously anticipating its arrival. So much so, that I often find myself driving myself prematurely to delivery only to be turned around and headed back home. Back to the mundane and tiresome cycle of desperately wanting to meet the bundle of joy growing inside of me.

My dream has been seasoned liberally, but my season of life is telling me, “not yet.”

I’m frustrated.

I want to get to what’s ahead, but God wants me to trust Him instead.

Perhaps my “dish” needs to rest so I can yield to what is best.

Allow the aromas to fill the space instead of the urgency I long to face.

A little taste leaves me wanting more, but often times the best things are worth waiting for.

Good is good and great is great, but God’s best is a thousand times better than all of the rest.

Great may be inside of me aspiring to enter the world and I desperately want to meet it, but what I want more than that is to receive what’s better. I want God’s best.

I want to eat now, but I know this dish needs time to rest. The aromas need to linger and the flavors need to marinate as my season of life adds more seasoning to what is to come.

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