As My Mind Unwinds: 31 Day Devotional, Reflectional, Confessional Ride

By Jennifer Ervig


True vulnerability and authenticity are hard to come by in a culture that is self-promoting and heavily tainted by various forms of “filtered” perfection.

Authenticity is a virtue most people respect and aspire. Perhaps, because it is relatable, relational and humanizing of the individual who is vulnerable and authentic. I especially value authenticity and vulnerability when it is comes to a person’s faith and testimony of walking with the Lord, but it isn’t easy to open up one’s heart and expose both their burdens and blessings.

As My Mind Unwinds: 31 Day Devotional, Reflectional, Confessional Ride by Jennifer Ervig accepts that challenge while encouraging the reader to do the same. As My Mind Unwinds is a 31-day devotional that invites a weary soul to sit down, relax, and release. This devotional provides space for the reader to be poured out in order to be spiritually refilled.

The 31 devotionals in this book were compiled from various articles and blog posts the author has written on her site jensmindunwinds@tumblr with the addition of “coaching” questions included at the end of each devotion. The topics are diverse with no particular theme throughout however each devotion was beneficial in providing personal reflection along with spiritual direction for the reader to dive deeper into God’s Word.

There were a few devotions that came across as self-righteous, yet the author voiced that concern as a preface and openly admitted to her own snarkiness and sarcasm. I have never met her nor have I heard her verbally speak before but her voice seemed to be clearly spoken throughout her writing style thus making the book read like the author was directly conversing with the reader. This tone was refreshing, uplifting and relatable without being offensive or authoritative. It was like one person’s heart communicating to another’s through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Directed towards women and suitable for all seasons of life, As My Mind Unwinds will meet you where you are on your faith walk and will steer you closer to the One you are following.


* I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review