Only You Can Be You – What makes you different makes you great

By Nathan and Sally Clarkson

Diversity, individuality and authenticity are coming of age in today’s generation – Generation Z. Embracing YOU-niqueness and originality has created a sense of empowerment and acceptance that is both refreshing and full of encouragement.

As a Millennial, this wasn’t always the case. I can recall times in my own adolescence when I felt like I couldn’t tap into my greatest potential or live out the gifts God has gifted me for fear of being judged, unaccepted, disrespected or inferior.

There are many things wrong with the world today, but I think Gen Z has gotten something right – social acceptance. Individual expression and transparency have allowed authentic character to develop and accept people for who they are instead of for who (or what) they are not or should be.

“Everyone’s different, and that’s okay. The Maker of Everything made us that way.”

Only You Can Be You – What makes you different makes you great by Nathan and Sally Clarkson is a charming children’s book that beautifully illustrates this truth.

Tall or short. Loud or quiet. Adventurous or reserved. Funny or serious. It doesn’t matter what we are or what we do – God created us YOU-niquely so there will ever only be one of YOU!

What makes us different does make us great because each human being was created in the image of the Creator and is therefore a reflection of His perfect design. I absolutely loved reading this book (numerous times!) to my children and then highlighting their own distinctions and personal qualities and characteristics.

Only You Can Be You is a delightful children’s book your whole family will enjoy. It is well-written, inspired by scripture and packed with illustrations that are playful, positive, and visually appealing. It is a book I am grateful to have on my family’s shelves and I hope you will consider adding it to yours as well 🙂

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