Exhale: Lose who you’re not. Love who you are. Live your one life well.

By Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory


“You seem like you’re in a bad mood today,” my ever-courageous husband said to me. Words you should never utter aloud, lest you are looking to stir up trouble.

Frustration brewing within me because of being understood, yet again, I looked at him and replied, “I am not in a bad mood. I am overwhelmed.”

Overwhelmed. A feeling I’ve felt way too often over the last year since having my 4thchild. Overwhelmed by the daily chores, endless to-do lists, ongoing extracurriculars or school-related things, desires to partake in fun events or carefree activities, amongst so many other commitments, motivations and intentions. It often makes me feel like I am running on empty all the while trying to pace the race my heart is on to attempt to do all the things and complete every thing.

Can you relate?

I’ve always been an overachiever with an “I-can-do-it-all” personality but honestly, this last year has gotten the best of me and has run me ragged.

So you can imagine my soul’s yearning for guidance on managing this mental/emotional tension and the potential remedy available when I learned of a new book being released and the opportunity to pre-read it by being a part of its launch team.

Exhale: Lose who you’re not. Love who you are. Live your one life well. by Amy Carroll and Cheri Gregory was the splash of cold water my soul needed to awaken from its state of overcommittedness in order to be refreshed by the lightening of nothingness.

Friends, true to its title, Exhale is like one big release. It’s like finally taking a moment to pause and intentionally inhale a deep breath in, in order to exhale all of the weight, baggage, stress, etc out of your body. It’s letting go of everything that is holding you back so you can discover the person God created you to be. Aligning your life with God’s assignment will lead you to love who you are and live your life with complete fulfillment while freeing yourself of all of the things that are not a part of God’s plan.

Exhale is so practical, applicable and relatable. In fact, the book website offers a bunch of tools for the reader to further explore and sensibly adapt to their individual life.

Each chapter of this book was alternatively written between the authors so the reader is gifted with two distinctive viewpoints and stories. Personally, I related so much to Cheri Gregory’s personality type but also enjoyed reading Amy’s contributions. In particular, I found Amy’s take on paraphrasing and humanizing the voices of scripture to be very instructional (my favorite was her portrayal of Rebekah). Nonetheless, both authors contribute perspectives that women can relate to and accept wisdom from.

Exhale is a book I inhaled deeply and with great pleasure. It allowed me to examine my goals, dreams and desires while considering my motivations and intentions. After reading Exhale, I felt like my weary soul was rejuvenated and my purpose redirected towards the things God has intended for my life. It reminded me that I can’t do everything but that God created me for a unique purpose to fulfill a specific assignment(s). Focusing on or doing too many things will only detour me off of the path God has paved for my individual purpose.

I recommend Exhale to any woman who is feeling overwhelmed and needs a well-overdue break. It is too easy to fall into the world’s trap of attempting to do too many things and/or be everything to all people. This book will remind you that that is not what God wants for your life. God’s best is available to you but it doesn’t come to you in this world through the way of more, it comes to you in the way of less.

Less of what the world has to offer and more of God’s goodness and rich blessings.

And with that, we can all exhale a big breath of relief.


* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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