Whispers & Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God

By Sarah Beth Marr


In the last few years, God has put some very specific words on my heart that I believe He wants me to focus on throughout the year. In 2017, it was WISDOM. In 2018, it was GRACE. It blows my mind that both of those years are best described by each of those intentional words of focus. Unfortunately though, my 2018 year of grace went by in a blur and was filled to the brim with absolutely no room for any margin. I do not believe the grace God wanted me to seek in 2018 was supposed to come in the form of busyness and distraction, nonetheless my humanness led me astray.

Ultimately, the cloudiness of a fast-paced life of doing too much led me to my 2019 word of focus – PRESENCE.

The beginning of 2019 was quite the chaotic transition from an overscheduled lifestyle to the steady stride of a normal life with four young kids. Still, God always knows exactly what we need as well as everything we need to be reminded of. So it came as no surprise when I received Whispers & Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God by Sarah Beth Marr as my next book to review.

I was grateful to have read and reviewed Sarah Beth’s first book, Dreaming with God (see full review here), so I knew a little bit about her background, personal story and writing style. Friends, this girl is seriously gifted with choreographing beautiful words along with God’s direction to create a dance of the Holy Spirit twirling through a message women need to hear.

The premise of Whispers & Wildflowers can be best described in Jesus’ words found in Matthew 11:28:

“If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to Me and I will give You rest.” (CEV)

Too often we are guilty of running ourselves ragged from trying to keep up with the overcommitted agenda’s of the world or trying to manage overscheduled calendars. We feel the need to ignore the necessity of margin because we either suffer from FOMO, we believe everyone else is doing ___ or saying “yes” and we don’t want to fall behind, and/or we are attempting to seek fulfillment by filling our calendars with everything [that comes our way] when in reality we’re doing too much and are finding ourselves completely empty.

I am totally guilty of all of these things! But one thing I found very insightful was being reminded that the world Jesus lived in was just as busy and crowded and chaotic as our world is today. Jesus had things to do and obligations to fulfill not just in dying to save the sins of the world(!!!) but also He had daily chores to complete, work to tend to (we often forget his job as a carpenter) and a flood of people vying for His attention and pulling Him in a million different directions.

In the very beginning of Whispers & Wildflowers, Sarah Beth reminds us that Jesus had the weight of the world on His shoulders but still made time for rest, prayer and stillness. Jesus intentionally prioritized quiet retreats away from the noise and alone with the Lord. That really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Jesus was most likely busier than any of us are or will ever be and yet, He purposefully made time to stop what He was doing in order to rest and fill up with the goodness and replenishment of time spent with the Lord. Jesus’ load never changed but His ability to handle it did because of His wisdom to hit “pause” and seek God. I absolutely love that!

When we quiet the noise within and around us, we can hear God’s tender whispers speaking to our heart. When we tune into His voice, we can live differently – fully alive and flourishing, like wildflowers spreading their beauty throughout the land. We gain rootedness, are rested and revitalized and most importantly, are filled up so we can pour out. The noise of the world can distract us from unwrapping God’s gifts and instead can lead us astray in the rat race of life. But when we slow our pace and draw close to God, we can learn so much about ourselves and God’s specific will for our individual life.

Whispers & Wildflowers is nourishment for your soul. It’s like a warm hug wrapping you with soft encouragement while filling your mind, body and spirit with the good stuff you need to thrive. It is the “time-out” you hope for so you can hear the instruction of your Heavenly Father. The calming peace you receive from these words will lead you wanting more.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted, burnt out or like you’re running on E, open your eyes and heart and consider reading Whispers & Wildflowers. It is truly a gift to live out the present of being fully present in your life.


* I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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