Fearless Parenting: How to raise faithful kids in a secular culture

By George Barna and Jimmy Myers


Have you ever seen something on TV, read something in an article or blog post, or heck, taken a look around at the activity/behavior/attire/etc at your child’s school and been like, “Oh. My. Goodness!”

Yeah. It’s not pretty. In fact, it can send the best of us running into hiding and bubble wrapping our children to shield them from the world and all of the “bad stuff” in it. We can be fearful and instill fear in the hearts and minds of our innocent youth, we can guard and protect them as best as we can, but in the end, will it make a difference?

That was my whole mindset when it came to parenting. As a mother (and a naturally fearful person) trying to raise 3 littles who will love and follow Christ, the world we are living in today terrifies me to my core. There are days when I refuse to expose myself to the mainstream media or get involve with drama or other “stuff” at my children’s school. If I’m being honest, yes, there have been times when I have instilled fear in my kids as a way to encourage them not to do something. But that is no way to live and especially no way to parent in today’s culture. Continuing on the fearful parenting track, bubble wrapping our children to protect them from anything “of the world” or being so strict that our children will fear us or fear failing us, is only going to cause our children to rebel and do the very thing we are trying to keep them from doing – being “of the world” (secular) rather than “in the world” (Christian).

Through SG&G, I was recently honored to become a Baker Blogger through the Baker Publishing Group. What this basically means is that I am able to receive and read various books throughout the year that pertain to my personal interest or the ministry of SG&G (REAL | HONEST | TRUTH) in exchange for an honest review. As an aspiring writer and avid reader, this is a dream come true for me! In fact, most of the books I am gifted to read I would probably have read anyway while others are some I may have never heard about.

The first book I am to review is called, Fearless Parenting: How to raise faithful kids in a secular culture.

Oh, sweet friends!!! With all of my heart, please, please, PLEASE read this book! It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, nanny, teacher, pastor, church leader, etc – this book is for anyone who wants to guide and direct (not hinder or protect) the children of today. After all, the hopes, fears, successes and failures we make as adults in today’s culture will directly affect the adults of the next generation. I don’t have to get all political for you to understand that we are in a rough place culturally, socially, and spiritually. It is up to us to change the narrative. For you, it may start with reading this book.

This book is such an easy read because it is so relevant to our culture today. I actually breezed through it in 1.5 days! (Which is super fast for me! Remember, I have 3 young kids and all of them are very active/busy!) One of the things I loved most of this book, aside from the content, of course, is how it is written. Very different from most of the women’s issues books I read on spiritual growth written by women, this book is written by two men – one has a research background (George) and the other (Jimmy) is a counselor. Through both of their unique perspectives, a very REAL picture is painted of the reality of children today. Stats, research, and real-life personal stories from Jimmy’s youth and family counseling (used with permission) construct the book.

Ok, I could go into more detail about this book because I love it so much. Just in the last week since I’ve finished it I have recommended it to pretty much every parent I know! Seriously, it is that good and you will never regret investing in yourself through seeking parental wisdom. Trust me, your children (and your children’s children) will thank you for it.

Book available on Amazon, at Lifeway, Barnes & Noble, and other Christian retailers.

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review