That is what Seeking Grace & Gratitude is all about. We encourage modern Christian women to live purposeful, unfiltered lives that embrace human imperfection within God’s perfect design. We strive to make every day real, open and honest – like the original meaning of reality before TV was added to it. And most importantly, we believe in living each moment intentionally for the Lord and promote daily application of biblical truth to all aspects of our lives. We seek gratitude for God’s perfect design and accept grace for being imperfectly perfect.


We, the community of SG&G confess – we have no idea what we are doing in life but we do know who and what we are living for. Can we all agree to stop pretending we have it all figured out or that we have found perfection? Instead of being the people we try to convince everyone we are on social media, let’s embrace the person who God designed us to be. The real, honest and true human being who is capable of sin and in need of a Savior. We are a bunch of broken daughters of the King who are walking alongside the Son, but together we can be one family that seeks grace and gratitude for the life we’ve been gifted.


We are a Christian-based social community where female believers and seekers can be inspired and encouraged in their faith walk. Being a Christian in today’s society is counter-cultural so Seeking Grace & Gratitude strives to motivate modern women (of all walks of life) to live purposeful lives as God intended. By embracing the modern era and contemporary “real life” Christianity, women can support each other to live imperfectly perfect lives dedicated toward serving the Lord and maintaining a relationship with Jesus. We will inevitably mess up, but through grace we can seek to become better and with grateful hearts we can accept we are truly made perfect in our Father’s eyes.


A pull toward perfection

I always felt an attraction to perfection. Very much like a powerful gravitational pull, drawing me closer to the center of my world and further away from the person I was created to be. The burden of seeking all things perfect – life, body, family, job, purpose –...

Never Say Never

For as long as I can remember, I was looking for a way out. A way to escape, an opportunity to explore, a chance to be free. What was I trying to escape from? What did I want to explore? Why did I feel like I was locked and bound? What made me want to leave? The...

Attitude of Gratitude

I was filled with frustration when my day’s plans got sidetracked. I was bitter and wound up because I’ve spent the last few months feeling like my time is limited and my energy level strained. This was supposed to be my day to get back on track, tackle the...

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